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The Inland Sea, Gozo. A Very Popular Dive Site!

The Inland Sea Dive Site in Gozo

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The Inland Sea, Gozo

The Inland Sea Gozo dive site is located on the west coast of Gozo, a stone’s throw away from the Blue Hole Dive Site. The site’s picturesque setting features boat houses and towering sea cliffs encircling a saltwater lagoon. This shallow lagoon merges with the open sea through an 80-meter tunnel. Inland Sea tours are a popular activity, with regular boat tours escorting visitors through the tunnel to marvel at the sea cliffs of Dwejra, Gozo.

Suitable for: Open Water +

Depth 5m – 40m+

Points of interest: Tunnel & reef wall

Entry/Exit: Easy

The Dive

Access to this scuba diving haven is refreshingly simple and manageable. A few steps lead you down into the shallow bottom where you can comfortably don fins. From there, a brief surface swim brings you to the tunnel’s entrance.

Upon arrival, you descend to a depth of 3 – 4 metres. The tunnel’s entrance starts at a depth of just 6 metres, but the rocky floor descends swiftly to 15 metres, eventually reaching a maximum depth of 26 metres.

Navigating the 80m tunnel is a breathtaking experience, often leaving divers in awe. Inside the tunnel, stuck to the walls you will see many Bathing Sponge (Spongia officinalis) and lurking in the dark you will see the vivid red Cardinalfish (Apogon imberbis). The journey through the Inland Sea tunnel is highlighted by the immense size of the sea cave, the scale of the tunnel, and the turquoise waters that greet you with a natural aquarium effect at the tunnel’s exit. The space inside the tunnel is large enough to accommodate one if not two, double-decker buses! A dive light is recommended although some divers prefer to pass through the tunnel without using their lights.   

Inland Sea Dive Site Gozo

Upon exiting the tunnel, you’re greeted with a choice to explore left or right along a stunning reef wall that plummets to depths of 50+ metres, making it one of the top dives and a true diving paradise. The depths at this dive site also make it a great spot to complete the Deep Diver Specialty course

There is plenty of marine life to spot along the wall; Damsel fish, Wrasse and various Bream. Kick slowly to spot Scorpionfish, Octopus and Eels hiding in the cracks and holes.

Don’t forget to look out into the blue to spot Amber Jacks hunting in pairs. If luck is on your side, you may even spot a shoal of Barracuda!

Final Thoughts

This dive site in Gozo is truly unforgettable, catering to divers of various certification levels and experience. During holiday periods, the Inland Sea bustles with tour boats, which can be unsettling for some divers. It’s crucial to monitor your depth and fine-tune your buoyancy to remain safely beneath any passing boats.

Inland Sea Dive Site Gozo
Inland Sea Dive Site Gozo

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