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The Inland Sea

The Inland Sea Dive Site in Gozo

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The Inland Sea, Gozo

The Inland Sea dive site is located on the west coast of Gozo, a stone’s throw away from the Blue Hole Dive Site. The location of this dive site is very picturesque. Boat houses and high sea cliffs surround a shallow seawater lagoon. This lagoon joins the open sea via an 80 tunnel. Regular boat tours take visitors through the tunnel and out to explore the sea cliffs on the other side.

Suitable for: Open Water+
Depth 5m – 40m+
Points of interest: Tunnel & reef wall
Entry/Exit: Easy

The Dive

Access is very straightforward and manageable. You walk down a couple of steps into the shallow water where you can don fins. A short surface swim takes you to the entrance of the tunnel.

Here you descend to 3 – 4 metres. The start of the tunnel is only 6 metres deep, but the rocky floor quickly goes down to 15 metres and finally reaches a maximum depth of 26 metres.
remarkable &

The swim through the 80m tunnel is a remarkable experience and fills most divers with excitement. The highlights of this dive are the sheer size and scale of the tunnel and the vivid blue colouring of the open sea at the tunnel exit.
The space inside the tunnel is large enough to accommodate one, if not two, double-decker buses!

Inland Sea Dive Site Gozo

Once you’ve reached the end of the tunnel, you can head left or right along an impressive reef wall that drops down to a depth of 50+ metres.
There is plenty of marine life to spot along the wall; Damsel fish, Wrasse and various Bream. Kick slowly to spot Scorpionfish, Octopus and Eels hiding in the cracks and holes.
Don’t forget to look out into the blue to spot Amber Jacks hunting in pairs. If luck is on your side, you may even spot a shoal of Barracuda!

Final Thoughts

A very memorable dive site. One which caters to a variety of certification and experience levels. During holiday periods, boat traffic can be quite disconcerting for some divers. Pay close attention to your depth and be ready to adjust your buoyancy to ensure you stay well below any passing boats.

Inland Sea Dive Site Gozo
Inland Sea Dive Site Gozo

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