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The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole dive Site Gozo

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The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is one of the most popular dive sites in Gozo. Years of wind and wave erosion have created beautiful geomorphological shapes for divers to explore. The depth inside The Blue Hole is approx. 15m. Halfway down, you will find the underside of a large arch which gives you access to the outer reef and natural rock formations.


Suitable for: Open Water+
Depth 15m – 40m+
Points of interest: The Blue Hole, chimney swim through, coral garden, cavern
Entry/Exit: Difficult

Dive Site History

This dive site was once home to the famous ‘Azure Window’, an immense arch and pillar rising out of the sea joined to the cliff by a horizontal block. In the early hours of March 8th 2017, a strong storm caused it to collapse into the sea. This collapse created an incredible underwater landscape of giant boulders and mountain-like pinnacles rising from the seabed. Perfect for divers to explore and swim through.

The Blue Hole Gozo Dive Site

The Dive

To access the Blue Hole, you first walk down several steps that guide you to a gulley containing large boulders. Once you’ve walked up and over the boulders, you arrive at the Blue Hole entry/exit. It is physically challenging and uneven underfoot, so taking your time and exercising caution is very important.

You enter the water and descend into The Blue Hole. Halfway down, you will see a large opening which leads out of The Blue Hole. Here you access the outer reef where the exploration of walls, giant boulders and swim-throughs begins.
One of the highlights of this dive is the ‘chimney’, a large crack in the reef wall that starts at a depth of 25m and slopes up to a shallow depth of 5m. The top of the chimney gives you access to the stunning ‘Coral Garden’. From Coral Garden, you swim towards a ‘V’ shape cut out at the top of the reef wall. The wall drops vertically and regularly offers fantastic visibility with vivid shades of blue.

The Blue Hole Gozo Dive Site
The Blue Hole Gozo Dive Site

Final Thoughts

At the base of The Blue Hole, there is a cavern. If you have time, it is worth exploring!

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