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The MV Rozi Shipwreck

MV Rozi Shipwreck

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MV Rozi operated as a tugboat in the UK and then Malta. This vessel was scuttled off Cirkewwa (the north coast of Malta). This 35 metre (approx.) long vessel now serves as an artificial reef and one of Malta’s most popular diving attractions.

  • Suitable for: Advanced Open Water Divers+
  • Depth: 20 – 36 metres
  • Points of interest: Shipwreck & Marine Life
  • Entry/Exit: Easy


MV Rozi was built in 1958 in Bristol, England, by Charles Hill & Sons Ltd. and originally named Rossmore.

This vessel’s first owner was Johnson Warren Lines Ltd. who sold the vessel in 1969 to the Rea Towing Company. They renamed the vessel Rossgath.

After 3 years, Rossgath was sold again, this time to Malta Ship Towage Ltd. The vessel’s final renaming ceremony was in 1981 when the vessel was sold to Tug Malta and named “Rozi”. From 1981 until 1992 MV Rozi was used within the harbours and territorial waters of the Maltese Islands for towage and marine support services.

The final chapter of MV Rozi’s life above the surface was in 1992 when Captain Morgan Cruises purchased and scuttled the vessel for their Underwater Safari Tours (which no longer operate).

The Dive

MV Rozi sits upright on the sandy bottom. As you descend, you first pass the top of the wreck’s lighting mast at approx. 20m, following the mast down to the wheelhouse roof where the depth is approx. 25m. You reach the main deck at approx. 30m. Mid-ship there are openings on either side to storage cupboards and a passage way through the wreck. Between midship and stern of the deck there is a large cutout allowing access to the engine room. The engines have been removed leaving the engine mounts exposed. You will find the large rudder at approx. 34m.

Surrounding the shipwreck are many fish including Bream, Mediterranean Chromis, Wrasse and Jacks. On the wreck you can find Flabellina nudibranchs, Moray Eels and several other invertebrates.

Final Thoughts

A nice intact steel wreck which has attracted a good amount of life since having been scuttled in 1992. Given the wrecks location, visibility is typically good to very good and definitely one for your list when visiting Malta.

MV Rozi is accessible to divers with a minimum certification level of PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent. To maximise your time on the wreck, the PADI Enriched Air Diver Course would be beneficial.

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