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The MV Karwela Wreck

MV Karwela Shipwreck, Dive Site, Gozo

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MV Karwela Wreck, Gozo

The MV Karwela wreck is one of three wrecks found on the southeast coast of Gozo at Xatt La-Ahmar.

The Karwela weighs 497 tons, is 50 metres long and sits upright on a sandy bottom with her bow at 39 metres and her stern at a depth of 41 metres. 

  • Suitable for: Deep divers +(minimum of Deep Specialty Certification required)
  • Depth: 40m 
  • Points of interest: The staircase 
  • Entry/Exit: Easy 
MV Karwela Dive Site, Gozo


The MV Karwela was built in Germany in 1957. She came to Malta in 1986, was purchased by Captain Morgan Cruises and was used as a passenger ferry taking tourists around the Grand Harbour in Valletta. 

The MV Karwela was scuttled along with the MV Cominoland in August 2006 to provide underwater attractions for divers and artificial reefs for marine life. The third wreck, the MV Xlendi was scuttled in October 1999.

Before their scuttling, both wrecks had been made safer for divers to penetrate. Large openings, wide deck areas and passageways with plenty of sunlight pouring in allow for easy exploring.

The Dive

The MV Karwela sits in the middle of the three wrecks at this dive site. She has three decks allowing for plenty of easy exploration. The wreck sits on the sand very close to the reef, so after a short swim you will see a shadow in the blue and the wreck will appear. On the way back the reef wall provides an easy reference to help make a gradual ascent to the reef plateau, the perfect spot for a safety stop. 

The highlight of this dive is the impressive staircase in the middle of the wreck leading to the lower deck. The stairs have been made famous as they’ve been featured in numerous diver magazines and online articles. If you are a keen underwater photographer, you’ll want of photo of the stairs flooded in natural light!  

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