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Ghar Lapsi

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Ghar Lapsi, Malta

Ghar Lapsi is a pretty cove situated on the south coast of Malta. The cove has a natural sea pool making it very popular with bathers, especially during summer. The sheltered cove provides easy access for divers. This dive site boasts natural rock formations, white sandy areas, a beautiful cavern and Finger Reef.

Suitable for: Open Water+
Depth 5m – 18m
Points of interest: Cavern, Finger Reef & Swim through
Entry/Exit: Medium (Steps leading down to the edge of the water)

The Dive

Your dive starts in the shallow sea pool before heading out to explore Finger Reef (named so beacuse of the large finger-shaped rocks which jut out of the raised reef).

Heading towards the ‘Finger Reef’, you swim alongside the jagged coastline and past many boulders while your depth increases to approx. 10 metres. Once at Finger Reef, there are many cracks, overhangs and holes to explore.


Ghar Lapsi Finger Reef

20-minutes into the dive at 18 metres deep, you will find a small archway which makes for a fun swim through. At this point, you start your return journey towards the jagged coastline where you will find one of the highlights of this dive; a shallow cavern system. As you approach the cavern, 3 openings allow for entry, all at 5 metres deep. The cavern roof has many cracks and holes which allow sunlight to pour in, illuminating the cavern with light rays.

After exploring the cavern, you can return directly to the sea pool area through an opening near the surface.
On this dive, you often see Amber Jacks, Wrasse and Breams, Groupers, Octopus, Moray Eels, Scorpion fish and Cardinal.

Final Thoughts

If time allows, it’s well worth exploring the beautiful white sand. You will have the opportunity to spot different types of marine life such as Weeverfish and if you are lucky, Stingrays.

Ghar Lapsi Cavern Diver
Ghar Lapsi Dive Site Cavern

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