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PADI Full Face Mask Course

Just Say the Word, We Can Do it!

Rewards from ABC Diving: Bring a friend or family member & enjoy 10% OFF the PADI Full Face Mask Diver Course. Your discount will be applied automatically at checkout.


Diving with a full face mask offers a different experience and that alone may be reason to give it a try!

Diving with a full face mask allows you to breathe from your nose and mouth, and provides added comfort in colder water. The mask can also be fitted with communication gear, which can be useful for various types of specialty diving such as underwater photography.

Full Face Mask Course

To enrol in a PADI Open Water Diver course (or Junior Open Water Diver course):

  • You must be 12 years old or older.

To complete the academic studies we estimate 4 hours of independent study.

To complete the water-based portions of this course will take 1 day (8 hour day).

You’ll use an Ocean Reef Full Face Mask along with the rest of the standard scuba equipment. All required equipment for your PADI Full Face Mask Course is supplied by ABC Diving. 

The cost of the PADI Full Face Mask Course starts at €265.00 with our ‘Standard’ option and our ‘Bespoke’ option is €630.00. 

This includes:

  • All dive equipment needed for the completion of your course
  • PADI eLearning educational materials
  • Certification cost


how the booking Process works

It's As Easy As ABC!

1. Choose your course option

Click ‘Book Your Course’ button and complete the booking request form. Only 1 form per group is required.

2. Booking approval

Within 3 working hours your booking request will either be approved or an alternate date suggested.

3. Pack your towel!

Once the booking is approved, a payment request is sent. Upon payment, your booking is confirmed. 

Choose your course option

Bespoke or Standard?


  • Private Tuition
  • Private Transfer Service From Anywhere In Malta
  • 1 Day Dive Course
  • 1 Confined & 2 Open Water Dives
  • Study Materials
  • PADI Full Face Mask Diver Certification
  • Premium Dive Equipment Supplied
  • You Choose the Days
  • Student Dive Insurance Included


  • Class size up to 4
  • Daily Pick Up/Drop Off From Transport Zone*
  • 1 Day Dive Course
  • 1 Confined & 2 Open Water Dives
  • Study Materials
  • PADI Full Face Mask Diver Certification
  • Premium Dive Equipment Supplied
  • You Choose the Days
  • No Student Dive Insurance Included

*View Transport Zone


What are the Benefits of Diving with a Full Face Mask?

Diving with a full face mask offers several advantages over traditional masks. Firstly, the panoramic view provided by a full face mask allows divers to see more of their surroundings, enhancing their overall diving experience. Additionally, the built-in regulator eliminates the need for a separate mouthpiece which some divers find uncomfortable. Furthermore, the natural breathing pattern facilitated by a full face mask reduces the risk of experiencing discomfort or anxiety underwater, making diving a more enjoyable and relaxing activity.

How Do I Choose the Right Full Face Mask?

When choosing a full face mask, it is essential to consider factors such as fit, visibility, and comfort. Look for a mask that has adjustable straps and a soft silicone skirt, as these features ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Additionally, opt for a mask with a wide field of view and anti-fog technology to enhance visibility underwater. It is also worth considering the weight and size of the mask, as a lightweight and compact design can make it easier to travel with. Lastly, read reviews and seek recommendations from experienced divers to ensure you choose a reputable brand and model.

Are Full Face Masks Suitable for Newly Qualified Divers?

Full face masks can be suitable for newly qualified divers with proper training and certification before using one. While full face masks offer many benefits, they also require a different set of skills compared to traditional masks. It is important to learn how to properly clear the mask, equalise pressure, and handle emergency situations specific to full face masks. By taking a diving course that includes training on full face masks, divers can safely and confidently explore the underwater world.

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